Why is showing appreciation at work important?

Love and appreciation can be shown in simple and inexpensive ways in the workplace. Increase your company’s productivity, loyalty, and happiness by incorporating it into your everyday.

At some point in our careers, it’s likely we’re either shown appreciation or received it in the workplace. Whether you’re the giver of appreciation, or receiver, we could all agree being recognized feels pretty darn good. The best part about this type of love is it doesn’t take much of your time; it’s free; and research shows it builds an enormous amount of loyalty and increases productivity.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when our hard work, efforts, and time are noticed – especially by the boss. Being noticed and appreciated naturally creates and builds a deeper connection to those around you. Think back to a time you recognized a co-worker’s efforts or your efforts were recognized. How did that make you feel? Warm and fuzzy? Empowered? Motivated?

It’s in our biological makeup to need and yearn for all types of connections. We strive for acceptance in social groups; we want to do a good job at work and have it recognized; and we always strive to contribute to something bigger.

Research shows that love is a common denominator uniting us regardless of upbringings, cultures, religions, or beliefs. It’s the one “thing” that can slice through some of the most dynamic and complicated topics that make up who each of us are as individuals. Pretty incredible if you ask us.

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How do you show love & appreciation at work?

If love is truly our one common thread, regardless of circumstances, then why the heck don’t we show and share it more often? We asked a number of PMG employees what comes to mind when they think of the word “love” in our office. Here are some of their responses.

I felt appreciated when my team surprised me with a thoughtful card and gift on national boss’ day. I had NO clue this was even a thing, but it made my entire month, no YEAR! The card is still hanging up on my refrigerator at home and it makes me proud to have the team I do.

It made me feel appreciated when Amy (PMG’s President) called me directly to tell me I’m doing a great job during a challenging client situation.

When my grandma passed away, my amazing coworkers sent beautiful flowers to the funeral home. When I flew back into town, I had a card waiting for me in the mailbox signed by each of my coworkers.  It really made me feel loved after such a hard time in my life.  I’ve never worked for a company where I’ve felt so much love and understanding. I truly do love my PMG family!

I loved it when Tess got me coffee and left me a note on my desk last time we were in MN.

In the spirit of St. Valentine’s, we hope this post inspires you to share a little extra love and appreciation with those around you.

Love, Kelly and Tess

Tess Dailey, Client Solutions Manager

Kelly Grohowski, Client Solutions Manager