Have you had a time when you are with a group of people at dinner and one of your friends can’t seem to put their phone down? It is not a fun situation.  


One time I was sitting at dinner with my dad and had responded to a few text messages. He pointed out that I should be in the moment when I am with him and not worried about my phone. I felt bad, but I was grateful he reminded me that there’s a time to be in the moment, and not tied to my phone. 


In the spirit of national cell phone courtesy month here are a few behaviors to be aware of regarding cell phone use. 


Tips to stay in the moment and courteous of your phone use:  


  1. Turn it on do not disturb. Focus on who you are with or the task at hand. The person you’re with is the priority, not whoever DM’d you the latest viral TikTok video. 
  2. Tuck it away. If your phone is out of sight, you will be less likely to use it. “Out of sight, out of mind” as they say! 
  3. Communicate! If you must use your phone to respond or answer a call, apologize for the interruption.  
  4. Respect the people you are with. Stay involved in the conversation and make sure that you make them feel valued. Remain engaged with the conversation even if you must reply to a quick text from family. 
  5. Keep the noise down. Pay attention to the volume you have your phone on and if it’s appropriate to have calls on speaker or not. Everyone hates watching their favorite TV show next to someone who can’t seem to get off YouTube on their phone. 
  6. Eyes on the road. No phone call, text, or snapchat are as important as your safety! Click here for a refresh on how to practice safe driving with a phone in the vehicle.