Being Part of the PMG Team

My official title at PMG is Marketing Intern. Throughout my time here I have been able to learn quite a bit about the manufacturing industry and what it takes to be a technician. Along with that, I have worked with many different parts of our business including recruiting, sales, and business operations teams.

What Is My Role as an Intern?

Every day looks a little different, which keeps this job exciting and eventful. My manager gives me weekly assignments and I have the freedom to organize when to accomplish them. That combined with freedom to determine my assignment deadlines has taught me the importance of being disciplined.

Various tasks I perform:

  • Writing and publishing blog posts.
  • Creating and distributing PMG’s monthly newsletter.
  • Communicating with PMG technicians and other members of our team.
  • Posting available job opportunities online.
  • Scheduling and posting social media content to PMG’s online platforms.
  • Sharing videos and content to our YouTube page.

So Far, So Good

My first few months with PMG have been a great success! I have gained new skills and toolsets along with recognizing areas of weakness.

Some of the skills and tools I will keep using for the rest of my career:

  • Buffer – send company social media posts.
  • Constant Contact – send out email campaigns.
  • Google sheets – organize research findings.
  • PowerPoint – create a presentation for my research findings.

Work Hard and Play Hard

We work hard at PMG but there are rewards for the time everyone dedicates too. We are a goal-oriented company who is proud to celebrate our accomplishments in a variety of ways.

  • Lunch provided by PMG.
  • Happy hour at Willy McCoy’s!
  • Attending a St. Paul Saints baseball game.
  • Twice annual company parties.

Expectations vs. Reality 

Expectation: I expected to be handed the busy work and to not be fully trusted. To my surprise, that was the opposite of what occurred!

Reality: My team welcomed my skills and ideas with open arms. In fact, I was given important tasks to complete on my first day. They believed in me from day one and it has helped me stay confident throughout the entire internship!

Intern Life Outside of Work 

Outside of my time at PMG, I also study marketing at the University of St. Thomas. This fall I will be completing my final semester but that will be the beginning of my career.

Staying busy is in my DNA! Along with working at PMG, I am a personal trainer at Tiger Fit and a server at a restaurant called Big Bore BBQ.

My days are jam packed and I still find time for fun. A few of my hobbies include:

  • Attending country concerts.
  • Wake surfing on White Bear Lake.
  • Taking boxing classes.
  • Enjoying time with friends.

Where I Am Going

My time at PMG has broadened my skills and knowledge in business and the manufacturing industry. Likewise, I have grown as an individual by learning to be patient, disciplined, and organized. The next few weeks I will be working on a large research project while doing weekly tasks. I am excited for what is to come and am so thankful to be a part of this company!

Join PMG

If you’d like to join the PMG team, you can find open opportunities on PMG’s LinkedIn page or on our website!

Bailey Braccini, Marketing Intern