PMG Values Being a Diverse Company that is Inclusive and Fair 

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Time to Break the Bias”. This day is a great way for us to reflect and celebrate the progress our world has made in giving women empowerment in social, economic, cultural, and political opportunities! 

At PMG, we take pride in our diverse workforce. There are countless women in leadership positions that contribute and drive our business to the success it is today. We reached out to one of our female leaders to hear her experience being a woman in the manufacturing industry. 

Kaylyn Roberts 

Kaylyn RobertsKaylyn Roberts, one of our Business Development managers, mentioned that one aspect of PMG she admires is the number of women in authoritative roles “PMG has so many females in leadership positions, and that was extremely encouraging for me and still is. I love that I work for a company that is unbiased.” 

Starting in a Leadership Role 

This has been Kaylyn’s first and only job out of college. This role was intimidating for her because she was not familiar with the manufacturing industry, but she did not let that discourage her. Kaylyn shared a story of how she made flashcards to practice and learn the language/process of the Manufacturing world to get herself up to speed. That awareness of what needs to be worked on and quickly addressing it with a solution is just one great reason why Kaylyn is in the leadership position she holds today. 

She mentioned that doing that hard work upfront allowed her to enjoy her new role sooner. “In any position you must put in the work, ask questions, and know when you need to ask for help,” Kaylyn said, when speaking on what women should know when starting a new job within a manufacturing company. Never Stop Learning Wooden Blocks

Encouraging Women to Join the Manufacturing World  

There has been immense progress in introducing more women to the opportunities that come with the manufacturing industry, but Kaylyn hopes that more women become open to the idea. A bit of sage knowledge from Kaylyn to those curious about where to start can be found below: 

  1. The industry is huge and there is always room to grow in your career! 
  2. There is a need for white collar positions in Sales, Project Management, and Human Resources. 
  3. Apply and go for it. Do not allow the Job titles to steer you away from applying. 
  4. Women technicians usually kill it when they take a position in a manufacturing facility. 
  5. The manufacturing world brings a vast financial opportunity. 
  6. If you have a good mindset and attitude, you can do anything.