As a Project Manager there are many responsibilities to ensure that the entire operation is running smoothly. We sat down with a few of our project managers to hear how they keep their team and clients happy.  

Stephen DeTombe and Daniel O’Driscoll shared their best practices when it comes to keeping everyone content. 

Tips to keeping the team happy: 

  • Respect every team member 
  • Fully present during each conversation 
  • Follow through with their requests 
  • Remember the personal things they share with you (family, hobbies, favorite teams… etc.) 
  • Daily walk throughs on-site 
  • Face-to-face communication whenever possible 

Tips to keeping the client happy:  

  • Stay professional, courteous, and friendly 
  • Anticipate their needs 
  • Responsive to issues with efficient solutions 
  • Be an ally in their successes 
  • Face-to-face interactions with the client 

These simple actions ensure that we all reach success and completion!! Skillful worker stand together showing teamwork in the factory . Industrial people and manufacturing labor concept .