Whether you’re moving to a new role at a company you’ve been with for years or starting a new job at a new company, there’s usually a period where you feel like the “New Guy” or “New Girl”. After a few weeks, you learn your role, how you fit into the business, and you build relationships with your peers and leaders. With a little more time, you get more comfortable and hopefully feel less-and-less like the new person.

Whether you go through the “New Guy” or “New Girl” process frequently or only a handful of times in your career, there are some things you can do to make that process go a little smoother, and quicker. Many FlexTrades technicians work at multiple client facilities throughout the year, and they regularly get excellent feedback on how quickly they fit in with a new team.

Below are some tips and tricks you can use to get comfortable and up to speed on any team!


Observe and Learn

It goes without saying that you should pay close attention to any formal training you receive. You should also observe the company culture, team dynamics, and expectations. This will help you to adapt to the new environment.

Ask Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you aren’t sure how something works. This will show your eagerness to learn and will help you avoid misunderstandings.

Be Friendly and Approachable

A smile and a positive attitude go a long way! It’s important to build a positive relationship with your colleagues. You don’t have to make a new best friend, but you should be comfortable speaking to anyone on your team about work.

Show Initiative

Be proactive if you see an opportunity to improve or correct something. Look for opportunities to contribute and demonstrate your skills and abilities.

Listen More Than You Speak

As the Greek philosopher, Epictetus said, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” Pay attention to what others say during meetings, discussions, or casual conversations. This is a great way to pick up on team dynamics and un-written expectations.

Respect Company Policies and Procedures

Take time to become familiar with the company’s rules and SOPs. Following the rules not only shows your professionalism, it also shows respect for the organization.

Be Open-Minded

Be open to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of doing things. Before jumping to, “But I’ve always done it this way!” take time to understand why something is done differently. Maybe you’ll learn a new best-practice!

Be Patient and Persistent

If you’re in a new city, it takes time to learn the roads and find the services you need. When you start a new job, it takes time to build new relationships and learn your role.  Be patient with the process and with yourself.


Keep these tips in mind any time you’re starting a new job or joining a new team. You will quickly go from the “New Guy” or “New Girl” to a trusted team member.