FAQs for PMG

PMG provides labor solutions to American manufacturers. That’s what we do in a nutshell and we take the “solution” part of that equation seriously. As a result, all of us here end up asking a lot of questions to make sure we find the right way to solve the real problem. But, during that process, we end up getting asked a fair amount of questions ourselves. This blog will try its best to provide the answers to the things PMG employees get asked the most.

What is a professional reference?

Great question! Most of us, when asked for references, want to provide names of the people that know us best and like us most. This makes sense because we want prospective employers to hear good things about us. However, your family, friends, co-workers, and fellow book club members are personal references. They may have positive things to say, but most of it won’t be relevant to a person looking to hire you for a job.

A truly professional reference isn’t just somebody you know or have worked with, but somebody you’ve worked FOR. Supervisors, trainers, shift leads, managers, and owners of companies all make excellent professional references. This is because they can’t just talk shop about your technical abilities, but can speak to the soft skills that make you a great employee. If you’re not sure why soft skills matter to the technical trades, check out our free webinar on just that topic.

Pro tip: A lack of technical skill input is why HR contacts aren’t great references.

Build your bench intentionally in order to be able to provide better references. Know who makes a great reference and then make sure you have good contact information for that person. Finally, when you provide that information, make sure you give your reference a heads-up too. Even the greatest reference won’t do any good if they don’t answer the phone or return an email.

If you’re looking for more insider information on the hiring and interview process, check out some of our other blogs that include tips & tricks for phone interviews and resume writing. If you have your own question for PMG, we have an answer and we’d love to share it. Send them to writingteam@pmgservices.com.

Josh Erickson, ReTool & Technical Solutions Associate