We Can Still Love the Fall Season

As we head into a new fall season, there is no question that COVID-19 will wrap its ugly grasp around some of our favorite traditions.  It’s already changed the way we celebrate big events, the way we cheer on our favorite athletes, the way our children get an education, and how we enjoy our favorite comfort foods and beverages (and so much more).

With fall just arriving though, we wanted to put a list together of some things we can still do during this amazing season without letting COVID call all the shots:

  • It’s apple picking season – get out there and pick some apples. You can certainly do this from a distance.
  • Get outside and enjoy the changing of the leaves (if it’s not too late where you live).
  • Make a giant pot of your favorite chili or soup.
  • Bake a pie: apple, pecan, or pumpkin (who knew after toilet paper and disinfectant, that pumpkin puree would be a COVID casualty).
  • Be a kid again and jump into that giant pile of leaves you just raked.
  • Decorate for all the holidays that you get to celebrate this time of year.
  • VOTE!
  • Find yourself a corny movie, grab a comfy blanket, and warm yourself up with a mug of hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

For so many of us, the past seven months have changed our perspective on things.  We’ve lost focus, let our minds wander down a path we’ve never allowed ourselves to go before, and been forced to do things we’re uncomfortable with or unfamiliar with.  It doesn’t mean we can’t still make incredible memories and hold onto traditions.  Sure, things might be a little different, but different is good, right?  Sometimes, you just have to embrace the different and make it all your own.

Happy Fall PMG Friends!

Beth Bangtson, HR Manager