Crisis Management in manufacturing is critical. Let PMG help you punch out your crisis!

Crisis: “an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending. A situation that has reached a critical phase” (Thanks Merriam Webster)!

We all know the world is experiencing a major crisis right now. I’m not going to write another article on it or call out the cause(s). What’s important is what we do to address a crisis when it happens and how we find a way to turn it into an opportunity.

I won’t get political and talk about the best steps to address our current crisis, but I am here to let you know how PMG can help you, as a manufacturer OR a skilled manufacturing worker!

In the event you’re not aware of  PMG’s role as a Labor Solutions Provider or why to use Labor Solutions from PMG, check us out! We don’t just help when companies have a backlog, a peak season, or large orders – we help during times of crisis. And, we don’t just provide temporary jobs; we provide careers.

How do we do it? I’ll talk first to the manufacturers out there.

Regardless of industry or product, we can work with you! For manufacturers, first and foremost, you need a Crisis Management Plan. Once that’s in place and you find yourself using it, PMG is the ideal partner. We can help you further refine your crisis management plan (if needed) but most importantly, we provide a rapid response service. We rapidly deploy our workforce of highly skilled technicians to your facility, to ensure your crisis is averted and/or managed as best as possible.

As a manufacturer, what type of PMG technicians will help you? The list below describes a few.

  • Machinists
  • Welders
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Assemblers
  • Material Handlers & Lift Truck Operators
  • Other critical manufacturing employees

However, that’s not where we stop. We can provide many more! Our technicians not only travel to your facility very quickly, but they also come with the skills and experience needed to ramp up quickly and make an immediate impact on your production.

Now, for the workers out there – How can we help you in a time of crisis?

Because of our partnerships with companies across the US, we have many opportunities available for skilled manufacturing employees. Wondering what that means for you? Check out our webinar explaining just that, and if you’re interested, see what it takes to work on the road with PMG.

Are you wondering if you have the skills and experience? PMG has skilled workers with a variety of experience and backgrounds. I could list all the positions here, but it’s more easily summarized by saying: “if it’s a job in manufacturing, it’s a career with PMG”.

Our technicians work with us year in and year out. This isn’t just a job to them, this is a career. Utilizing their skills and abilities, our technicians work solely with PMG because it provides them the opportunity to travel and explore, work a flexible schedule and have time off between projects. Also,  they experience working within facilities and for companies with technology, projects, and distinction that aren’t  available locally. If YOU are interested in joining the PMG team and want to take your career to a new level, apply here.

And remember some wise words from Desmond Tutu: “A time of crisis is not just a time of anxiety and worry. It gives a chance, an opportunity, to choose well or to choose badly.”  Choose well, choose PMG.

Kim MooneyTechnical Manager & Coach