FlexTrades wants to take the time to acknowledge and congratulate all the high school and college seniors that are graduating this year!  

I (Bailey) recently graduated from the University of St. Thomas in January and have been working as a marketing associate for FlexTrades since the beginning of February 2022. The adjustment from school to work is not a linear one and can be drastically different from person to person.  

It can be overwhelming to have everything change so quickly. I put together a few tips that have helped me through my transition in hopes that it will help a fellow graduate that is entering the work force!  

  • Be irreplaceable. Show up every day ready to take on your tasks and do them to the best of your ability! 
  • Stay organized. Have a place for each of your items. Create folders and know where all of your information is. 
  • Have a plan. Write out your weekly schedule and include meetings/deadlines.  
  • Ask questions. No matter the question, always ask when you are unsure about something. Seeking to understand is always seen as an admirable trait by those around you. 
  • Get involved. The best way to start to feel comfortable at work is to go to the work events! 
  • Be on time. This is simple but so important. If you aren’t 5 minutes early, you are late. 
  • Authenticity is key. Be yourself and do not be afraid to share your ideas. Managers want to flood their meetings with creative ideas, and they can’t be the only ones dreaming them up. light bulbs cog Idea. plan think analyze creative startup business. illustration creativity modern concept vector.
  • It is okay to make a mistake. There’s an important difference between a mistake and habitual errors. Own up to it and learn from it. Your manager will forgive you.  
  • Bring a good attitude. Keep your mindset positive, and if you are struggling take a 5-minute break. 
  • Take it day by day! Write out your to do’s before you begin each day at work, do not stress about the future.  

Once again congrats on graduating, FlexTrades wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors! If you are looking for work, however, come join our team. Click to visit website