Transmission Equipment Technicians Ramp Up Facility Production 

One of our Industrial Motion clients was in dire need of a programmer for a new style of part they were unfamiliar with when they acquired a new product line.  They contacted us for immediate support, and within a week we deployed Karl, one of our highly skilled programmers.  Karl stepped in on day one and started running and programming complicated parts. Karl showed our client how to set up the parts.  Our client was so impressed with Karl’s programming skills, they had him train their full-time programmers on Mastercam.  In addition, Karl provided them with multiple tips and techniques that resulted in programming times being lowered by 20-30 minutes.  If that wasn’t enough, Karl took existing programs they have run for years and made recommendations to reduce cycle times. Overall, Karl made a major positive impact on the operations and our client sent us a recommendation letter stating just that.