The Great Resignation. The Great Renegotiation. The Great Repriotization. These are all terms we’ve heard often in the last year due to unprecedented levels of Americans quitting their jobs in 2021. Of the 68+ million workers who left their jobs, 47+ million of them voluntary quit. And those who voluntarily left their jobs did so for a wide variety of reasons. Some decided to retire early; some were secondary earners who decided to stay home; others were concerned with the consequences of working during a pandemic. However, many also decided to leave for greener pastures filled with better pay, perks, flexibility, autonomy, career growth, and treatment. The job market is strong, and workers are taking advantage of this. Some are new to job switching while others are not. For those that do this frequently, they are often called Career Nomads.


What is a Career Nomad?

Career Nomads are workers who move from opportunity to opportunity with the goal of learning and earning. They like to make an impact at one company and then move on to make an impact at another. And now is a prime time for this thanks to low unemployment and high turnover.

Who is a Career Nomad?

It’s a common belief that the Career Nomad workforce consists mainly of two generations: Millennials and Generation Z. This isn’t too far off since it’s been shown that Millennials stay at jobs for an average of 2.4 years before moving on while Gen Z stays for just over one year. However, that’s changing quickly. More and more Gen Xers and even Baby Boomers are finding that staying at one company isn’t for them either.

Why be a Career Nomad?

There are MANY reasons to turn to the Career Nomad lifestyle. These include:

  • A better compensation package, including benefits and PTO
  • A better work schedule
  • More autonomy
  • The ability to work remotely
  • Better management
  • Better company culture
  • More interesting work
  • More growth opportunity
  • Less boredom

How to become a Career Nomad?

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