Back to school, with two kids, in the midst of COVID-19, is an incredibly different experience.

What’s Changing This Year?

School Supplies – We’re shopping for half the supplies because we can finally use leftovers from previous years. (Que the eye roll. We reused my school supplies every year when I was kid.)

School Clothes – We’re clothes shopping on-line, which doesn’t elicit nearly as much excitement.

COVID-19 Supplies We’re stocking up on hand sanitizer and face masks to stay safe in a hybrid-model system.

Feelings About the Hybrid Model – They’re bummed they won’t see some of their friends because of how the district split up each school.

Transportation – We’re still figuring out the bus situation (to bus or not to bus – that is the question).

Teacher Information – It’s almost the end of August and we don’t know who their teachers are yet.

Remote Schooling – We wonder if the distance learning will be as tricky as it was in the spring.

What’s Not Changing This Year?

With all the uncertainty that’s coming along with the start of the 20/21 school year, some things won’t change.

Photos – The start of a new school year still means the obligatory first day of school photos all over social media.

One Year Older – Our kids are getting older; they’re growing taller; they’re adventuring out into new activities like cross country and tennis (social distance friendly); they’ll be making new friends and developing new crushes; they’ll be learning new facts about new things that are sure to blow their minds.

While COVID-19 has shifted how we think about so many things, we still have so much to look forward to and be thankful for.  Keeping a positive attitude is the best way for us to help our kids ease back into the school year, even during these uncertain times.

For each of you venturing into the new school year with your own children, PMG wishes you health, happiness, and lots of A+’s.

Beth Bangtson, HR Manager