There is a common saying out there that: “the people with the best advice are usually the ones who have been through the most.”

We at PMG aim to be a resource of advice, knowledge and information for so many in the manufacturing industry: business leaders and owners, workers and technicians, recruiters, etc. We strive to provide the right information and the right resources (as well as advice) for anyone and everyone to make well-educated decisions. Our monthly common FAQ posts (you can find them on our blog) are just one example of the ways we aim to educate.

We receive a lot of questions from our technicians and they’re often looking for advice. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best advice from PMG Technicians for PMG Technicians. Whether you’re looking to join our team, are traveling to your first project with PMG, or have been out on multiple projects, these 30+ best practices are helpful for anyone.

What You Represent

  1. Be respectful and kind to everyone you meet and work with. You must remember that you are a representative for PMG, yourself, and where you are from. – Robert C.
  2. Make sure you are highly alert and highly-enthused on your first day so you can shine. – Kenrick J.
  3. Your hard work reflects your dedication to PMG. – James J.

Preparing for a New Job

  1. Make a list of things to take with and pack them in containers for easy access. – Timothy S.
  2. Get your sleep! Getting 10+ hours of rest before the start of any assignment is essential. – Brandon E.
  3. Complete all household tasks prior to leaving, pack, and then enjoy the last day with your family. – Kenrick J.
  4. Make sure your family is prepared for your extended time away. Make sure finances are taken care of and they feel safe while you are away. Once that is taken care of, make sure you have all your ducks in a row for your job as far as PPE and tools you will need. – Dan O.
  5. Make sure you have all the medicine you will need, and then some. – Albert B.

Additionally, our technicians repeatedly recommend that a best practice, regardless of how many projects you’ve worked with PMG, is to research the company, the equipment, and the location prior to traveling.

Getting Acclimated to the Community  

  1. Get there one to two days early to familiarize yourself with the area. – Felix B.
  2. Get there early to see where the job site is and find the nearest grocery store, gas station, and laundromat. Go to a local restaurant (not a chain restaurant) to see how the locals react to someone new. – Dan O.

Our technicians not only travel for the work, but they travel for the adventure. Many recommend that you make it a priority to sightsee after researching nearby places or ask coworkers or locals for suggestions.

Starting A New Job

  1. Read the manuals and job aids. – Kenrick J.
  2. Give it a couple weeks. It takes time to get acclimated and it might not be the easiest transition, but it gets better. – Octavio G.
  3. Take a breath when you get there. Don’t get too excited; just go in and do what you know how to do. Keep your ears open because you can always learn something new. Do everything you do to the best of your ability. If you don’t know something, remain open and learn so you know. Your name is attached to everything you do, so act like it. – Nick H.
  4. Be truthful about your credentials. Go in with an open mind and be respectful, ready to learn. – Johnny R.

Our technicians also note that PMG projects are not there for you to reinvent the wheel. Rather, the jobs are excellent opportunities to learn new things.

Maintaining Connections Back Home

  1. Utilize the many different electronic options: Duo, Facetime, Zoom – these apps allow you to see the whereabouts of others and that’s better than just hearing their voice! – Brandon E.
  2. Send little gifts for no reason at all. – Dan O.

Keep in mind, depending upon the shift and hours you’ll be working while on assignment, guests are welcome to visit you while on assignment and you are welcome to travel home on your off days.

Starting New Connections

  1. Be careful about what you say in public. – Joshua J.

Other common words of wisdom regarding how to start new connections in an unknown area:

  • Listen and ask questions
  • Don’t be defensive
  • Be open to new ideas and techniques

Staying Healthy

  1. Exercise in your room or at a gym. Don’t eat a lot of fast food. – Brandon E.
  2. Cook in the hotel. – Kenrick J.,
  3. Spend as much time outside as you can to get the benefits of the sun and don’t be afraid to see a doctor if you have any concerns. – Dan O.
  4. Take care of your feet. – Michael W.
  5. Bring a George Foreman Grill and Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice. – Robert E.

More words of wisdom can be found in PMG’s Lunchbox Hack blog posts featuring tools and tips to help you eat healthy and eat from home.

Additional Advice

  1. Getting to work 15 minutes early will help you succeed every day. – Brandon E.
  2. Take a deep breath and be confident. – Andrew S.
  3. Save a month or two of living expenses to utilize in between assignments. – Brandon C.
  4. Don’t be afraid when an assignment is finished. Time between assignments is your ‘vacation’. – Nic S.
  5. Do not spend your free time partying or staying up late.
  6. Stay in close contact with your project manager and recruiter.
  7. Remember you have two bosses: the client and PMG.
  8. Read all of your emails from PMG.
  9. Start with an assignment that is shorter in duration if you’re nervous about traveling and being away from home.
  10. Always carry a notebook and a pen or pencil to keep notes.

If you’d like a chance to put this advice to the test on a PMG assignment, contact our Technical Solutions Team. If you think your workforce could use technicians with this kind of attitude, contact our Client Solutions Team.

Kim Mooney, Technical Manager & Coach