We are focusing on movement in March! Too many of us do not get enough physical activity in our day-to-day endeavors, so we came up with a list of 10 tips to help you stay moving. Remind yourself that the little actions you take add up to big results. Sport Activity Icons

  1. Plan a mid-day movement break. 10-30 minutes of time scheduled into your day to go for a walk, do a few chores, or actively stretch. Click for Guided Stretch Video 
  2. Skip the drive through. When you are picking up your morning coffee or lunch, choose to walk into the establishment to purchase your order!  Walking into Coffee Shop to Stay Moving at the register
  3. Set a timer! Work for 30 minutes and then take a 5-minute break to walk around and stand up. Repeat this pattern throughout the day! This will also help increase your productivity.  
  4. Stand during meetings. This is simple yet effective!  
  5. Find the staircase instead of the elevator. Choose to take the stairs or park a bit farther away when you go to the store. 
  6. Set goals. Use your fit bit, apple watch, or phone to keep track of your steps. Have a minimum step count for each day.   
  7. Plan out time for exercise. Actively write down in your calendar when you are going to exercise at the beginning of each week! Signing up for a scheduled class is a great option.  
  8. Walk while you watch or talk. Go for a walk outside or on the treadmill while you watch a show, answer emails, or call a friend/family member!  
  9. Get an accountability partner (Often referred to as an “Accountabilibuddy”)! Find someone to keep you moving, go for walks together or send messages reminding each other to prioritize your movement.  
  10. Move right when you wake up! Hop out of bed and do 5-10 minutes of yoga or stretching. Implement a “do 20 squats” rule when you walk to the fridge for your first glass of water!  

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Reminder: Every small habit adds up! Movement is medicine. Push yourself to implement at least 2 of these tips!