Flex Trades

A&P Mechanics

David S. – A&P Mechanic

AP Licensed Aircraft Mechanic 20+ years of experience performing inspection, reviewing, troubleshooting, servicing, installing, removing and replacing a variety of components, including: All aspects of Power Plant: Engine components, Generators, APU’s. Skilled in all aspects of Jet Engine Disassembly, Inspection, Reassembly, Replacing and repairing all engine components including Gear boxes, oil and fuel pumps, etc.

A&P Licensed Mechanics with
Strong Knowledge


Experience working from, reading and interpreting blueprints, technical drawings, service manuals, service bulletins, maintenance manuals and aircraft maintenance/repair logs.


Uses and maintains test measuring, diagnostic and auxiliary equipment. Additional types of equipment include microscope, borescope, hand tools and other specific inspection equipment unique to various aircraft.


Strong knowledge of FAA regulations, guidelines and procedures.