Flex Trades

Facilities Maintenance Technicians

Nathan J. – Facilities Maintenance Technician

Factory Maintenance Technician Working On Conveyor
Maintenance Technician Nathan J
  • Over 20+ years of experience working in commercial and industrial centers on the installation, maintenance and repair of facilities equipment
  • Over 20 years of experience Operating and Maintaining HVAC equipment, steam boilers, generators, chillers, cooling towers, and compressors
  • 4 Year Apprenticeship Program with Steamfitters & Pipe-Fitters

Facilities Maintenance Technicians with
strong knowledge


Can operate and maintain diesel, LP, and natural gas boilers up to 15psi

Plant Operations

Comfortable with motor controls, pumps, coils, valves etc. relating to all central plant equipment and operations


Comfortable working with compressed and absorption refrigeration systems, as needed